AlbyPharma, formerly known as Suir Pharma Ireland, is a well-established contract manufacturer with 40 plus years of experience supplying European and US markets.

• The First oral FDA-Approved Beta-Lactam facility in Europe.
• 1990’s, first to launch a number of generics in Ireland/UK.
• Solid dosage forms, softgels, sachets & dry powder suspension manufacturing capabilities.
• Full in-house R&D capabilities.
• Fully equipped Micro & Analytical labs.

We are based in Clonmel, Ireland which is a bustling center for business, culture and rich heritage. With commerce at it heart, Clonmel has strategic direct access routes to three major airports.

AlbyPharma is spread over 4.4 Hectares and has two plants.

Both plants are self-contained facilities, capable of supporting the entire production process completely, with stability and validation testing are conducted on site.

The process technology includes but not limited to: Pelletizing and Coating, Sustained Release Tablets and Hard Gelatin/Soft Gelatin Capsules.

Main Plant

Antibiotic Plant

Expansion Area

The main plant is dedicated for solid dosage form production with an independent area for low-dose high-potency drugs.

The main plant is also capable of carrying controlled substance manufacturing.

The production main area is equipped with state of the art equipment’s. With a capacity of 750 million tablets/ and 100 million capsules per year.

To ensure efficiency, all raw materials, intermediates, finished product testing, stability testing and validation testing laboratories are contained within the plant. Powered with a warehouse capable of carrying 1200-euro palettes.

Dosage forms • Film coated tablets/caplets. • Sugar coated tablets. • Printed tablets/caplets.
Packaging formats: • PE bottles (tablets/caplets). • PVC/ALU (blisters). • ALU/ALU (blisters).

The Anti-Biotic plant is the only independent FDA Approved Beta-Lactam plant in Europe.

The plant has Spheronisation, Extruding Areas, Pellet Coating Area & Powder Filling Area. Which make it capable for producing film coated tablets/, hard and soft gelatin capsules/, coated pallets/ and powders for reconstitution.

Like the main plant/, the Antibiotic plant is self-contained with all stability and validation testing are conducted on site. The warehouse is capable of carrying 800 Euro pallets.

Dosage forms: • Film coated tablets. • Hard gelatine capsules. • Coated pellets. • Powders for reconstitution
Packaging formats: • PE bottles (tablets/capsules/powders). • Glass Bottles (powders). • PVC/ALU (blisters).

Quality and high standards are our pride and commitment. Research and development is in our DNA. That’s why we have full in-house R&D capabilities with fully equipped Micro & Analytical labs.

AlbyPharma is committed to offer strong R&D and Super generics innovation all the time.

Our R&D lab has strong capabilities to develop any dosage form from Oral up to Sterile. The strength of our R&D team is the pride of AlbyPharma.

  • The stability site which covering all zones will be state of the art unit.
  • All testing instruments are Waters systems supported by latest network system in compliance with GMP and USFDA latest requirements.
  • The facility has unique testing capabilities which is capable of conducting all testes relevant to Pharma industry today.
  • The Micro lab is a separate unit with facility capable of taken on many samples at one time.
  • Data integrity is strong feature in our internal system. We have applied the top most stringent systems in place to protect data.

Our SAP system is fully operating and backed-up in cloud, which means that all data will be fully secured at all time and this gives our customers a trust in our process. It is effectively provides real-time business applications and link to number of other systems to track shipments and delivery as ongoing live stream.

To date, we significantly invested in our facility and technology and will continue to invest as we introduce new innovative products. We will continue to grow into new markets and continuously striving to provide the best quality medications across the globe. Our objective is to offer high-quality with minimum-cost projects, where other companies cannot handle. We embrace new ideas and technologies. And we pride ourselves on sense of responsibility, and care for our community. Act locally. Think globally.